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Mobiler Long Life - concentrate 5L

KTM 61-004
Product description

Modern liquid for cooling systems with built-in funnel for all kind of brands and cars

Product features

Mobiler Long Life - modern liquid for cooling systems ready for use characterised by high functional properties.
It can be mixed with other fluids to radiators made on basis of ethylene glycol regardless of color.

  • Provides optimum operating temperature in all conditions - unique formula protects the engine from overheating in summer and from freezing the fluid in the system during the winter. Provides optimum engine operating temperature throughout the year. It works to a temperature -35oC 
  • For all types of coolers - the product is intended for use in coolers made of aluminum and other metal alloys
  • Provides full protection of the engine - a special anti-corrosion additive package and refining prevents corrosion of the cooling system to ensure proper operation of the engine for many years
  • It has a certificate of compliance - meets the rigorous standards Mobiler American ASTM D 3306 and ASTM D 2570 and PN-C 40007th. The highest quality of liquid has been certified by the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw
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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 2 pcs
Capacity: 5 L

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